NSS® Champ 2417 RB Mini Ride-On Scrubber - 24", 110 AH AGM

NSS® Champ 2417 RB Mini Ride-On Scrubber - 24", 110 AH AGM

Item # 7609002

  • Delivers high productivity in a small package. With a 24" cleaning path, it cleans 20% faster than similarly sized 20" rider scrubbers.
  • Brushes: Two 12" pads; Pad pressure: 55 lb.
  • Pad driver: Two 12" poly block tufted (Standard); Drive motor: 0.40 HP
  • Brush Motor: 0.33 HP permanent magnet, 175 RPM; Vac motor: 0.54 HP 3-stage bypass
  • Solution tank: 17 Gal.; Recovery tank: 17 Gal.
  • Squeegee: Curved, Linatex rubber, 30.3"
  • Waterlift: 50"; Drive motor: 0.4 HP, permanent magnet; Drive speed: Up to 3.1 mph
  • Drive wheel: 7.9" non-marking rubber; Batteries: Two 12V, 110 AH AGM; Run time: UP to 2.5 hours
24", 110 AH AGM, EA
Manufacturers Item #7609002

Easy to use. A single button controls the scrub deck and the vacuum motor. Maneuverable. The compact design combined with a squeegee that swings tightly around the scrub deck, lets you pick up water during sharp turns. Conservation mode. Press the green leaf button to operate this ride on scrubber with minimal water flow, chemical usage, brush speed and vacuum motor speed for maximum water and power efficiency.


  • The percolator breaks down foam, protecting the vac motor from damage.
  • A solenoid valve near the brush head prevents solution flow when the brushes are not moving.
  • An hour meter helps track regular maintenance tasks.
  • The ergonomic seat and steering wheel make the Champ 2417 comfortable to use.
  • The clear solution tank hose indicates the amount of cleaning solution remaining, and allows easy draining of the solution tank.
  • On-board battery charger recharges anywhere an outlet is available.
  • A float switch protects the vacuum motor from liquid or foam damage.
  • Slide-out battery tray.
  • Recovery tank debris filter.
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